• How to earn more coins in Slotomania?

    Online slotting games are as exciting as the playing the real casino games. You can bet, win and lose in the online slotting games. One of the most popular online slotting games is Slotomania. To play the game, you will need a Facebook account, or you have to open an account on the slotomania.com. Logging in the Facebook account or the slotomania.com, you can play the game. You can play the game either on your PC or your mobile devices. You should know the tips and tricks to play the game effectively.

    Like other casino and slotting games, you will need coins to play the game. The coins will be generated automatically when you will start playing the game. In many online slotting games, you will be offered free cheats and tips on availing lots of coins in few seconds. But most of these offers are the scam in the Slotmania coins. You have to play regularly to gain FREE Slotmania coins. You will be awarded a daily bonus, and after winning the bet, you will also get coins which will help you to proceed your game. The active players will be able to collect more coins by playing the game on a regular basis.

    Best wayt ot play slots…

    Slotomania is an online casino game for the players who want to play games sitting in their comfort zone. Casino addicted people love to play slot games. The most exciting part of the slotting game is spinning and winning the big prices. Though every time your luck doesn’t favor you and every time you won’t get prizes, but still, it is fun to spin. In the slotting game, you also have the option of betting. You can either win prizes by winning the bet or can lose coins by losing the bet. The winning or losing will be depended on your luck.  Unlike the real life casino games, you don’t have to lose your real money in this game. But you will enjoy all the thrills and excitement playing this game.

    You have to be active more and concentrate on your betting capabilities while playing Slotomania. Playing the game every day you can increase your status by leveling up. The more level you will cross, the more coins you will earn through playing. With the increasing status, you will be able to access the VIP games and playing VIP games, and you can collect even more coins. You will get the notification sometimes to buy coins with your real money. But I don’t think you should spend your real money to earn coins to play the game. If you play regularly, you will be able to stack up more coins and play better.


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